What is Denial-of-Service Attacks?

What is Denial-of-Service Attacks? Denial of service attack is a cyber attack in which hackers attack the server/website/computer system/network which prevents the users from accessing the data available Denial-of-service-attacks usually flood servers/networks with lots of traffic in order to affect user and makes it difficult for them to access. Moreover, an attack that crashes the […]

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Re-Branding Software testing

What Is Re-branding? In general re-branding actually means we change name, symbol, tagline, logo, advertising for a existing brand.But in software world Re-branding is different is little different, it’s like using back-end engine/resources with new name. So The company providing Back-end engine is different and company offering services using engine is different. Why World is […]

Difference Between Defect and a Bug - Cyber laws
Difference Between Defect and a Bug

Software Engineering Joke : Difference Between Defect and a Bug Once Asked in an Interview, What Is the Difference Between Defect and a Bug? Candidate: Can I Explain this with an example. Employer: Yes Candidate: Once a guy went to a tea shop and ordered one cup of tea and when the tea came he saw a fly […]

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What Is Regression Testing?

What Is Regression Testing? Regression testing is carried out to verify all fixes are working fine which were introduced during development and no functionality of the application is hampered. Advantages of Regression testing Assures all the features are working fine. Assures no side affect has occurred due to new code or fix Assures there is […]

IVR testing Essentials

IVR testing Essentials  While Testing as IVR system, we need to keep many things in Mind. What Is INBOUND IVR Testing? What is OUTBOUND IVR Test? VIOP Basic Concepts Text To Speech Engines & Speech To text Engines INBOUND test on IVR can be performed by the software which can receive multiple calls coming from […]

Importance of Software Quality
Software Quality

Typically in software engineering, Software Quality refers to bug or defect free, delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable. Software engineering define Software Quality as “The totality of functionality and features of a software product that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.”