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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice of increasing quality traffic to website through organic search.

There are two main factors of Search engine optimization: On page SEO which is done on your website by doing image tagging, Meta tags etc. another is Off-page SEO which is done by doing submissions to other sites like blog submission, image submissions etc.

So it is important to do both kind of SEO for your website to get good results on search engines

Did you know that your website security impacts your SEO / Ranking of the website? Whenever a website gets hacked, it takes lot of time to fix it due to which you might lose traffic on your site and which may lead to loss in your business.

Don’t wait until you get hacked to take security measures on your site! 

Search engines put an eye on your website to check whether it is safe for customers or not. So website security is equally important than getting good traffic to your website

Better Security = More Traffic & Higher Sales!

The most important step whenever you publish your website is making it HTTPS, google always give priority to those website which are safe and secure for the users

No Security = Decrease in Traffic & Lesser Revenue!

There are plenty of reasons why search engines can put penalty to your website, if you don’t take care of security then you might end up getting wipe from search engine’s result or you can also be blocked 

Tip: An important issue among the websites running on outdated CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc, is that it is easy for hackers to attack your site and can put some unofficial content that can get indexed by the search engines.